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Individuals outside the United States own billions of dollars worth of U.S. real estate and stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Tesla. What most of these investors don’t realize is that owning these assets exposes them to possible U.S. estate tax liability. In short, the estate of any non-U.S. person with U.S. situs assets (including both U.S. real property and stock of U.S. listed companies) will be subject to U.S. estate tax if the value of the assets exceeds $60,000 at the time of death.

If the stocks are held in a U.S. financial institution, they will typically require proof of estate tax compliance before releasing the shares to the heirs of the estate. And many non-U.S. brokerages are becoming aware of this situation and are also requiring proof of U.S. tax compliance. Advanced planning can often be used to mitigate this situation. Whether you want to plan for the future or need assistance with your current situation, we can help.