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What You Need To Know About Paying US Taxes While Living In Switzerland Living in Switzerland is a fantastic experience but if you’re one of the 40,000 Americans living in Switzerland, there are some important things you need to know about paying the US taxes...

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Be sure your FBAR is accurate and filed on time

The potential implications of an inaccurate or late-filed FBAR are much worse than for an income tax return. The IRS reserves the right to impose a penalty of $10,000 for simply filing the FBAR late. We often find that clients forget to list 3rd pillar...

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Don’t purchase foreign investment funds (PFICs)

We commonly discover that our clients own non-U.S. investment funds – such as Swiss “Fonds” and other foreign-issued funds (ETF, SICAV and the like) – in their custodial, 3rd Pillar, or pension holding (Freizügigkeitskonto) account. For U.S tax purposes such funds are...

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Your children may also be U.S. citizens

It comes as a surprise to many Americans living abroad that their children are likely also U.S. citizens, even if those children have never been to the U.S. or acquired a U.S. passport or social security number. The rule is this: if your child was born after November...

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Considering giving up your U.S. citizenship?

Ensure your tax and reporting obligations are met before expatriating. To complete your final expatriation tax return you must certify to the IRS that you have complied with all of your tax reporting obligations for the previous five years. If you have been filing tax...

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Foreign owners of U.S. LLC’s are no longer anonymous

As of tax year 2017, any non-U.S. person that wholly owns an LLC will likely be required to file Form 5472 to report their ownership and certain financial transactions with the LLC. This rule has been instituted, in part, to enhance U.S. compliance with international...

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